GFWC MENOMINEE 2021-2022 Programs & Menus

"Volunteering Creates Music in GFWC Hearts!"

PO Box 302, Menominee MI 49858

Past President, Martha Harding, passing presidential gavel to President Judy Reid,  2020-2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​GFWC Menominee Woman’s Club 

Programs and Hostesses 2021-2022

For General Meetings:  11:30 a.m. Social Time
Lunch & Meeting at Noon

​October 6, 2021  Welcome Back!  Autumn Blooms With Color

                         Program:  Operation Christmas Child                                                                                                  Jessie Suchovsky - Menominee County Drop Off Leader                                                  Luanne Linquist - U.P. Logistics Coordinator
Ginny Scott, Martha Harding, Barb Swan
Murray’s – 715 First Street, Menominee, MI                                                 Menu:        Chicken salad croissant, chips, garden tomato soup and                                                     blueberry lemon bar.    Cost: $15.00       



                  November 3, 2021     "Wear Red, White, and Blue”

         Thanks to our Military and to all Veterans and their Families
                                  “Our Freedom is NOT Free”

                   MARCH of Dimes Collection—Bring Your Collected DIMES   
              Military ‘Honor Board’ – Place a Name or two on the board

                      Program:  Voice of a US Navy Veteran
                                          Carrie Felch - Navy Petty Officer Second Class,
                                                              Master at Arms
                       Location:   Murray’s Irish Pub & Grille – 715 First Street,                                                                  Menominee, MI
                       Hostesses:  Anne Kelley, Ruth Wesoloski, Pat Krah,                                                                            Sally Broetzman, Janet Conklin  
                       Menu:         Chicken Tips, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls, Vegetable Medley,                                                Salad and Apple Crisp

               Happy Thanksgiving  “Count Your Blessings, One by One”

December 1, 2021        “Wear Your Festive Attire”
Merry Christmas

      Bring a book for a Child

                   Program:   Music by the ‘Goodfellas’
                                       John Wills and Dave Ebsch
                   Location:   Murray’s Irish Pub & Grille – 715 First Street,
Menominee, MI
                   Hostesses    Liz Mikutowski, Lorraine Long    
                   Menu:         Buffet: Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetable,                                             cranberries, rolls and cherry filled brownies with whipped                                               cream topping for dessert.

                                       Cost: $15.00


                              January 5, 2022           Happy New Year!

The DAR Boys & Girls Club      
                                            CEO Koreen Gardon
Whistle Stop/Pullman House – N2190 US 41, Menominee, MI
Linda Russell, Mary Kveton, Amy Vogltanz,
                                                                    Karen Sutek, Ellen Wertepny
  Pork chop, baked potato, salad, roll and ice cream with                                                    creme de menthe cookie.

                                         Cost: $15.00



                                    February 2, 2022       ‘Wear Red’

                     National Heart Month and Happy Valentine’s Day
         BRING a FRIEND Day! – Members are the Heart of our Club.

Elder Care: The Opportunity of Caregiving For Our Loved Ones                                                         June Ehler – Elder Care Group Leader
          Hostesses:  Donna Rife, Carol Symyneshen, Maureen Lauerman      
Little Nugget, W5593 County Rd 338, Menominee, MI
Cheesy broccoli or chicken dumpling soup, cold salad, meats,                                          variety of breads, surprise dessert, coffee and water

                              Cost:  $15.00



                              March 2, 2022         Let’s Wear Green!

                   Election of GFWC Menominee 2022-2024 Officers

U.P. Foster Closet—Located at DAR                                                                                 Cassie Lauren, President                                                                                                     Billie Kimmell, Vice President
Judy Bramschreiber, Chris Longlais, Sue Gressel, Val Hallam
                    Location:   Little Nugget, W5593 County Rd 338, Menominee, MI
Italian Buffet

                                        Cost: $15.00

                                     April 6, 2022       Happy Easter!

                                      Bay Cliff Health Camp Day!!!                                            Option:  “Wear Your Camp Clothes!" (Jeans & Flannel Shirts!)

Bay Cliff Health Camp                                                                                             Dianne Lahtinen GFWC MI Bay Cliff Co-Chair
Karen Loewecke, Ruth Wesoloski, Heidi Simon,                                                               Linda Metcalf
Little Nugget– W5593 County Road 338, Wallace MI
Chicken, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Soup, rolls and dessert


                         May 4, 2022      Welcome Back Snow Birds!!
                                             You Were Missed!

Annual Meeting: 

                                          Installation of GFWC Menominee Officers 2022-2024
                                          Francy Mullen – Installation Presider
                      Hostesses:  Linda Berry, Francy Mullen, Ruth Fay
Little Nugget– W5593 County Road 338, Wallace, MI
                      Menu:        Beef tips, potatoes, salad, green beans, rolls, coffee, water                                               and125th GFWC Menominee anniversary cake.